What Are Undertow Shows?

Undertow Shows are intimate events hosted by fans in private spaces such as: living rooms, lofts, recording studios, coffee shops, museums, yoga studios, bike shops, churches, indoor skate parks, and more.

Each show is completely unique. We try to find the most accommodating spaces for both the artist and the fans. Things we always try to consider is: acoustics of the room, accessibility, available seating and proximity to parking and public transportation. It all adds up to a magical experience.

Hosts volunteer their space and do not profit from the show in any way. 85% of the ticket price goes directly to the artists. 15% goes to Undertow. Hey! We do a lot of work to make these shows happen! ; )

When you attend Undertow Shows you're supporting musicians in a direct and and meaningful way.


Below is a list of artists we've had the privilege of helping...

Anders Parker
Bottle Rockets
Cave Singers
Chris Brokaw
Chris Staples
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Craig Finn
Damian Jurado
Danielle Durack
David Bazan
David Dondero
Eef Barzelay
Eric Bachmann
Forrest Kline (HELLOGOODBYE)
Geoff Farina
Jason Narducy
Jenn Champion
Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate)
John Vanderslice
Julia Nunes
Justin Kinkel-Schuster
Lady Lamb
Laura Gibson
Laura Jane Grace
Marie / Lepanto
Mark Eitzel
Matt Talbott (HUM)
Mike Doughty
Nataly Dawn
Peter Silberman (The Antlers) 
Pedro the Lion
Richard Buckner
Rocky Votolato
S. Carey
Samantha Crain
Sarah Borges
Say Hi
Scott McCaughey
Sera Cahoone
Shelby Earl
Thalia Zedek
Tim Kasher
Up Around the Sun
Walter Martin
Will Johnson

... more to come