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Undertow Shows are intimate events hosted by fans in private spaces such as: living rooms, lofts, recording studios, coffee shops, museums, yoga studios, bike shops, churches, indoor skate parks, and more. Each show is completely unique. We try to find the most accommodating spaces for both the artist and the fans. Things we always consider when choosing show locations; acoustics of the room, accessibility, available seating and proximity to parking and public transportation. It all adds up to a magical experience.

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Do You Want To Host A Show?

Do you have large living room, loft space, community space, art gallery, yoga studio, coffee shop or other space that can host up to 50 people? We’ll make this as easy as possible for the hosts. All you have to do is let us borrow your space for about three hours, check people in at the door when they arrive and in return you’ll get 5 free tickets for your friends and our eternal gratitude. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please check HERE to learn more and see what artists are looking for hosts in your town.

Questions? Get In Touch

Email is the best way to reach us: hello@undertowshows.com. Or call us if you want to chat: 217-359-0622. We're usually in the office Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm (Central time). Outside of office hours, it's best to email and we'll follow up as soon as we're back at work.

Mask Policy (updated January 2024)

Undertow is still encouraging COVID-19 safety precautions at shows. The mask policy is dependent on the host and artist preference for each show. Please check the individual show page for the policy for the show you're attending. The policy for each show will also be specified on your ticket.

+ Masks encouraged shows:
Masks are not required during the performance, however - they are strongly encouraged. 

+ Masks required shows: 
Guests are asked, by the artist and host, to wear a well-fitting mask during the performance. 

Guests experiencing fever, cough, or other respiratory symptoms are asked to stay home. Due to the limited number of tickets available for each show, all sales are final, no refunds will be issued due to illness.

Though not required to attend a show, Undertow HIGHLY encourages all eligible patrons to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Thanks for understanding and helping us make these shows as safe as possible for all guests, hosts and performers.