Info for Guests / Zoom Shows

Hello! Thanks for being a part of our virtual living room show! We really appreciate you joining us. Here's some info about how the shows will work as well as helpful tips to make this a good experience for everyone. Keep in mind that every artist orchestrates their shows in a different manner - refer to their ticketing page for specific details. Please read through the points below and get in touch before the show if you have any questions or concerns. We're super excited to see you soon!

The name used to purchase tickets will be the name on the guest list. Please use that name when logging-on to Zoom so we can check you off the guest list as you arrive. You’ll get a link to download your ticket with the Zoom link after the purchase is complete. Please don’t share this info with anyone. It’s just for you.

Someone from Undertow will open the Zoom waiting room 30 minutes prior to the published showtime. You can log-in to the show anytime during that pre-show window. Feel free to chat with other fans or hang back and wait for the show to start. If you arrive late, we’ll wait until a break between songs to let you into the zoom room. If you don’t live in the published time zone for the show you’ve purchased tickets to, please double check that your time zone and daylight-saving conversion is correct. It would be a bummer if you tried to log in after the show has finished.

Not sure what time a show happens in your time zone? Check here.

You don’t have to be on screen if you don’t want to. Just join the show without your video on. But we'd love to see you if you're ok with being on screen.

We’ll mute everyone’s audio once the show starts to maximize the sound quality. This way the performer's mic is the only one broadcasting during songs. A bunch of open mics, even if you’re not talking, can cause feedback or echo effects. We’ll un-mute everyone during Q&A sections, etc. so you can request songs, ask questions and tell jokes. Everyone will be able to use the in-ZOOM chat as well.

There are Zoom settings you can adjust that will help the show sounds as good as possible on your end.

Please check to make sure you have the latest version of Zoom installed on your computer or device.

Go to Zoom preferences and select "Audio"

Here you can adjust the volume on the incoming audio and your microphone level. 

Then scroll to the bottom of that window to click on "Advanced"

Once there, make sure you have the boxes checked for "High-fidelity music mode" and "Use stereo audio"

You may need to adjust the "Echo Cancellation" settings depending on your set up.


Within Zoom, you have the option to view the show however you want. “Speaker View" will make the performer the only window visible on your screen. "Gallery View" shows everyone’s window. Gallery View might not be a great way to watch since we’ll have up to 40 guests, the windows will be pretty small depending on the size of your screen. We also recommend using a good pair of headphones or broadcasting to your TV and home stereo set-up. This is super easy if you have a Mac computer or iOS device and an AppleTV. Just choose “full screen” and then Airplay to the AppleTV.

We want this to be a good experience for everyone. Please be respectful of the show and other guests. Basically, act like you’re going to a show at someone’s house. Please don’t do weird stuff that might distract the performer or other guests during the show. If anyone does anything offensive, overtly distracting or inappropriate, we’ll remove you from the show without a refund. 

The Ticket Price Is A Donation That Goes To The Artist:
85% of the ticket price goes directly to the artist. When you attend an Undertow Show you're supporting musicians in a direct and and meaningful way. THANK YOU!

All Sales are Final / No Refunds:
Due to the limited number of tickets please make sure you can attend before you make your purchase.

Name Changes / Ticket Transfers:
If you can no longer attend a show, you can give or sell (at face value) the tickets to a friend. Please contact us at least 24 hours before the show to transfer your tickets so we can change the name on the guest list.


All ticket transfers and name changes must go through Undertow. We'll cancel any tickets that are resold without going through Undertow.

Restocking Your Tickets:
If you can no longer attend the show and don’t have a friend to take your tickets, let us know via email. We’ll put the tickets back in stock and if they sell, we’ll issue you a refund.


Email is the easiest way to reach us if you need help.

Or call our shop if you prefer to talk to a real person. 217-359-0622. We're usually in the office Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm (Central time). If it's after office hours or weekends it's best to send an email and we'll follow up as soon as we're back at work.

That’s all we got! Thanks again for your support. Hopefully, we can do this in-person sometime in the near future.