An important message from Lady Lamb...


I wanted you to be able to hear from me a little bit of context around my decision to cancel all of my upcoming solo shows into the foreseeable future. I first want to say this is new territory for me. I’ve never canceled a tour before based on my mental health. I want you to know that being able to share with you and commune with you and see you, sing with you is so deeply important to me. I have built my entire life around this importance and this...what feels like sacred space when we get together in a room. I’m learning a lot this year and I’m learning that I’ve been pushing through my own limits, through my own walls, my own exhaustion what I’m able to handle and what I’m willing to take on...and I’m learning that two things can be true: that this is meaningful work that we do together and also that right now I can’t do it.

I think it’s really important that we be able to express and to give space to and respect and understand when we need rest.

I had a very, very challenging year - things that I obviously don’t talk about publicly but have a lot to do with extreme highs and lows in the music industry and just huge shifts happened in my career this year that, most of them were for the better, but, I have not been able to take the time to process these things or grieve some of my losses or even celebrate some of my biggest accomplishments. I’ve just been digging my heels in and keeping my head down and working really hard. And I have hit my limit.

So what’s really difficult about this is that I really - it’s so important to me that I be able to be with you and I was really excited to share this zine with you that I made...and it’s really hard to have to now say to you like ‘ I still think it’s really important that you have it - here’s the refund for the show but if you wouldn’t mind doubling back and making sure that you get a copy…’ was gonna be wrapped up in the ticket…I fronted the money to have these made so it’s a little scary for me right now but more importantly it’s really hard for me to want to share certain things with you and to get certain points across and to have - to do the Heart Work that I think we do together and to not be able to come to where you live and do it. So I’ve set up a handful of merch items through the Undertow store. This is just to help cushion the fall right now in this time that is honestly pretty scary... but ultimately what I want you to know is that I love you. And I support any of you who are going through a really difficult time right now or are confused or feeling over-worked or misunderstood, or undervalued, overextended. I see you and it’s okay to rest. And we don’t talk about that enough in this culture and we aren’t given enough space for it but whatever you have to do to try to heal yourself even when all the odds are against you, it’s important to try. I’m going to see you soon. Thank you for your support - just know that I feel it and I reciprocate it and I’m going to do my very best to see you at a time that makes more sense.

I also want to say that as hurt as I am at how this decision affects us collectively, it was a very easy decision to make for myself in many ways. I know that I love you because I love me. I know that I support you and see you because I support and see me. Remember that it’s empowering, it’s beautiful and it’s affirming to make loving choices for our own well being.

All my deep love to us,

Undertow will begin processing refunds on Friday, Sept 29 and you'll get a follow up email from them. It may take several business days for the funds to show in your account - they should appear after the weekend.

I don't know right now when dates will be rescheduled for Leg 2 or 3. Please know that I would like for them to be, and time will make things more clear. If you are receiving this original message to your inbox, you are a ticket holder for Leg 2 and will have early access to any rescheduled Lady Lamb Undertow show. If and when a future date is rescheduled, you will receive an email to your inbox before general on-sale announce so that you won't have to wait in line.

Ways you can support me directly through this time:

1. Order merch I've lovingly designed HERE

2. Order a zine and read it :')

3. If you are feeling overwhelmed by too many things, Venmo is an amazing way to help me with this unexpected loss of income @aly-spaltro

4. Listen to my new boxset, one of the most incredible ideas I've ever made a reality. It's called In The Mammoth Nothing of the Night. You can stream it anywhere, and please consider ordering a physical copy

5. If you live in the Northeast, I have one show on the calendar: it's in Brattleboro, VT at The Stone Church on Saturday, November 4. I am playing with a string quartet of some of my dearest friends. You can purchase tickets HERE (I will have the boxset in person there)