Say Hi / Living Zoom Shows

Hello! Thanks for being a part of our very special Say Hi Living Zoom Show! We really appreciate you joining us. Here is some info about how the shows will work as well as helpful tips to make this a good experience for everyone. Please read through and get in touch before the show if you have any questions or concerns. All of us are super excited to see you soon.

We’ll send you a link and password to the private Zoom session about a week before the show. Please don’t share this info with anyone beyond your ticket party. It’s just for you. A friendly reminder that we’re asking every person who wants to attend to purchase a ticket, regardless of whether or not you’ll be watching from the same screen. IMPORTANT: If you purchased multiple tickets, you’ll need to fill out THIS FORM in order for your guests to gain entry to the show. Please do this now (and not the day of the show), if you don’t mind. We’ll be checking off names as we grant access from the waiting room, and your guests will not be able to enter unless you fill out this form. Thanks in advance!

Someone from Undertow will open the Zoom waiting room about 30 minutes before the published showtime. You can log-in to the show anytime during that 30 minute pre-show window. Feel free to chat with other fans or hang back and wait for the show to start. If you arrive after the start of the show, we’ll wait until a break between songs to let you in. If you don’t live in the ‘city’ for the show you’ve purchased tickets to, please double check that your time zone and daylight-saving conversion is correct. It would be a bummer if you tried to log in after the show has finished.

You don’t have to be on screen if you don’t want to. Just join the show without your video on. But please use your real name you used on your ticket order so we can check you off the guest list as you arrive. And make sure you fill out the form (see above) for your guests.

We’ll mute everyone’s audio once Eric starts playing to maximize the sound quality. This way Eric’s mic is the only one broadcasting during songs. A bunch of open mics, even if you’re not talking, can cause feedback or echo effects. We’ll un-mute everyone during Q&A sections, etc. so you can request songs, ask questions and tell jokes. Everyone will be able to use the in-ZOOM chat as well. Finally, if you REALLY want to make sure your song request gets played, consider making a creative sign with the title of the song that you can hold up to the camera when it’s time for song requests.

Within Zoom, you have the option to view the show however you want. “Speaker View" will make Eric / Say Hi the only window visible on your end. Gallery View shows everyone’s window. Gallery View might not be a great way to watch since we’ll have up to 50 guests, the windows will be pretty small and you won’t get the full “Say Hi” experience. We also recommend using a good pair of headphones and that each person watches (and participates) on their own device, for maximum enjoyment.

Please be respectful of the show and other guests. Basically, act like you’re going to a show at someone’s house. Please don’t do weird stuff that might distract the performer or other guests during the show. If anyone does anything offensive, overtly distracting or inappropriate, we’ll remove you from the show without a refund.

That’s all we got! Thanks again for your support. Hopefully, we can do this in-person sometime in the near future.