Say Hi / Living Zoom Shows

Hello! Thanks for being a part of another round of very special Say Hi Living Zoom Shows! We really appreciate you joining us. Here is some info about how the shows will work as well as helpful tips to make this a good experience for everyone. Please read through and get in touch before the show if you have any questions or concerns. All of us are super excited to see you soon.

MERCURY - Fri, November 20th @ 6PM ET
VENUS - Fri, November 20th @ 7PM PT
EARTH - Sat, November 21st @ 6PM ET
MARS - Sat, November 21st @ 7PM PT
JUPITER - Sun, November 22nd @ 6PM ET
SATURN - Sun, November 22nd @ 7PM PT

    Each private show will be uniquely themed as a planet from our solar system! You are encouraged to incorporate this theme via your song-requests, pre-made signage, costuming, attitude, mascots (pets or stuffed creatures) or via (informed or fictional) lessons in mythology or science. Your creativity will be rewarded handsomely in a non-material manner. And fear not, these shows will still be 100% all-request, with anything from the Say Hi and Say Hi To Your Mom catalog as fair game. Since each show ends up being unique in setlist, mood, energy and personality, you're also encouraged to attend multiple performances if you are so inclined. :)

    Each show will be limited to 50 tickets.


    In September and October of 2020, a strange thing happened. Months into a worldwide pandemic, where live music was not a possibility, an entire tour of 36 Say Hi dates were converted from Living ROOM shows into Living ZOOM shows. Mood lighting, a crisp DSLR camera and hi-fidelity microphone / preamp setup were assembled and 30-50 people hung out in private Zoom sessions each night. The mood was jovial and all involved were friendly. Jokes and stories were exchanged and songs from the whole Say Hi and Say Hi To Your Mom catalog were played in a 100% all-request format. Everyone in attendance had the best seat and best sound in the house. It was different that the livestreams you’ve seen on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube, because every night was an intimate and friendly two-way gathering instead of a one-sided performance into the cold digital void. In the end, what seemed unremarkable on paper ended up being far more engaging, intimate and “real” than what tends to happen even at real life shows. It’s true, read the comments on the Say Hi social media pages, or ask anyone who was in attendance!

    As always, we ask that you purchase a ticket for each person who will be attending. However, in contrast to the last tour, each ticket order will be good for a single screen login. This means that if you place a single order for four tickets, all four of those people will need to watch from the same screen, (we won’t be able to split your order into multiple logins, so please plan accordingly). The name you use to purchase tickets will be the name on the guest list, so kindly use that name when logging on to Zoom so we can check you off the guest list as you arrive. You’ll get a link to download your ticket with the Zoom link after the purchase is complete. Please don’t share this info with anyone. It’s just for you. [PRO TIP: If you’d like access to multiple Zoom logins, you’ll need to place multiple orders, instead of buying multiple tickets in the same order.]

    We will open the Zoom waiting room about 30 minutes before the published showtime. You can log in to the show anytime during that 30 minute, pre-show window. BE SURE YOUR ZOOM DISPLAY NAME MATCHES THE NAME ON YOUR TICKET ORDER. If you try to login with something like “IPAD” we won’t be able to grant you access. Once inside, feel free to chat with other fans or hang back and wait for the show to start (we do request that you keep your mics muted, and instead use the text-chat). If you arrive after the start of the show, we’ll wait until a break between songs to let you in. Also, do double check that your time zone and daylight-saving conversion is correct. It would be a bummer if you tried to log-in after the show is done. The show will start right on time, FYI, so don't be late.

    You don’t have to be on screen if you don’t want to, but we discovered it ends up being a lot more fun for everyone involved if you turn your video on. You can look at it this way: with your video off, it’s like watching from the last row seats of a stadium. With your video on, it’s like being on stage and hanging out with the band. Also, song-request priority will always be given to people with their video on. [PRO TIP: if you REALLY want to make sure your song request gets played, consider making a creative sign with the title of the song that you can hold up to the camera when it’s time for song requests.]

    Your mic-audio will be off by default and we ask that you keep it off until you’re specifically (and individually) asked to unmute yourself for a song request or question. Please don’t unmute yourself without being invited to do so, as it ends up causing the chaos and confusion of a bunch of people simultaneously trying to talk over each other. HOWEVER, you’re welcome (and encouraged) to use the in-Zoom chat window as much as you’d like to make song requests, tell jokes, ask questions or compliment people on their pets. No private messages please. It’s way more fun if everyone in attendance can participate in the chat together.

    (6) VIEW STUFF
    Within Zoom, you have the option to view the show however you want. “Speaker View" will make Eric / Say Hi the only window visible on your end. Gallery View shows everyone’s window. Gallery View might not be a great way to watch since we’ll have up to 50 guests, the windows will be pretty small and you won’t get the full “Say Hi” experience. However, it can feel more like you’re hanging out with the other participants, which can be cool too. The possibilities are endless! Finally, a lot a care went into making the sure the broadcasted audio is top notch, so we also recommend using a good pair of headphones or a proper sound system instead of your built-in computer speakers, for maximum enjoyment. [PRO TIP: many people enjoy beaming the Zoom video to their television via HDMI, AirPlay or the like].

    (7) BE COOL
    Please be respectful of the show and other guests. Basically, act like you’re going to a show at someone’s house. Please don’t do weird stuff that might distract the performer or other guests during the show. If anyone does anything offensive, overtly distracting or inappropriate, we’ll remove you from the show without a refund.

    That’s all we got! Thanks again for your support and we’ll see you at the LIVING ZOOM SHOW!


    All Sales are Final / No Refunds:
    Due to the limited number of tickets please make sure you can attend before you make your purchase.


    Email is the easiest way to reach us if you need help.

    Or call our shop if you prefer to talk to a real person. 217-359-0622. We're usually in the office Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm (Central time). If it's after office hours or weekends it's best to send an email and we'll follow up as soon as we're back at work.

    - thank you!